10 Beautiful Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Wedding planning is a pain in the butt. Nick and I have plenty of time before the big day, but two years can go quick. I was doing a little research on wedding dresses, and I wanted to share my top ten choices.

For more info on our wedding planning check out my previous post here.



I love this. It is romantic and warm looking. I love how it showcases the girls without revealing too much cleavage. It also comes in a white. This dress will be very flattering.



The detail is beautiful. Mermaid style dresses flatter my curves. Don’t know how I feel too much about the bottom ruffles, but I don’t want to judge TOO much before trying on.



This dress is SO pretty! It’s elegant, simple, and flowy.



I love how it lays and molds to the curves. It looks super comfy and elegant.



Killin’ it with the curve show here. I imagined myself in it, and damnnn.



So princessy! I love the way the tulle lays.




The lace top is beautiful and detailed.



I love the buttons on the back and the tulle inserts.



I had to add this colored dress. So pretty and different!



This dress is sexy yet elegant.


I know, I know, a lot of variety going on here. I like to keep my options open, and I don’t want to say no without at least trying!


Are you getting married soon? Which dress would you wear? Let me know in the comments below!


*Photos are all from Google Images and Pinterest searches.*

2 thoughts on “10 Beautiful Plus Size Wedding Dresses

  1. Aww are you getting married soon? That’s so exciting! I love love LOOOVE the fourth dress! It’s so strappy and flowy and simple but sophisticated. The fifth and sixth ones are gorgeous too. Is it obvious yet that I’m into flowy dresses?

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