Masks Galore

Hello beauties! Masks are a good way to give your complexion a little extra something after a long day, or to just relax. I use a mask at least once, or sometimes twice, a week. I don’t use every single mask mentioned below all the time. I try to rotate depending on how my skin is feeling. In the winter I hydrate more, and in the summer I like to give it more of a glow and refreshed feeling.


Mario Badescu 


This mask helps my skin come back to life. I am so happy that I bought this jar of happiness. Whenever my skin needs a lift, I just dip right into this. 



Seaweed night cream is good for sensitive skin. I use the during the winter more, due to my skin facing the abrasive cold winds. The formula in this jar soothes and replenishes my skin.  


Sheet Masks


I LOVE sheet masks. I buy mine from Wal-Mart, ULTA, CVS, etc…The ones above were only $1.29/each from Wal-Mart. They always get the job done when I am in a rush and need something quick and not so messy. 




You have probably seen this green tube at your local store. Freeman is a fabulously inexpensive mask brand. And there is A LOT of product in their tubes. Great bang for your buck, and there are so many choices for different skin types. 




I have mentioned this mask before. IT IS AMAZING. It is like a biore strip for your entire face, but it does not hurt and tear off like one. It is a good choice for those with deeper pores. For a whole review of this mask, click here.

Sign off


What is your favorite mask? Have you ever tried any of the masks mentioned? Let me know in the comments below!


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