Friends, Tea, and Photography.

Yesterday I had a blast with my best friend, Alivia, and Godson Marcus. It was a perfect day to get out, explore the town, and eat some good food. Alivia and I have known each other for almost six years now, and I can’t believe how time flies. She is the only one that I call… Continue reading Friends, Tea, and Photography.


Best places for good quality, plus-size clothing.

Hello lovelies! As a fellow plus-size gal, I am picky when it comes to shopping. Like….extremely picky. I shop for clothing that is comfortable, stylish, and more importantly, flatters my shape. I have had quite a hard time finding stores that cater to more than one body type. I feel like we all, in general,… Continue reading Best places for good quality, plus-size clothing.


Shopping Hacks

Hello lovelies! Over the years I have tried numerous ways to save money when it comes to shopping. Couponing, rain checks, and searching the web for every sale code discount. Below are a handful of websites/add ons that I use and they are all 100% legit. I do not use apps on my phone. Mainly… Continue reading Shopping Hacks


My Bucket List

I used to think that bucket lists were useless. Why create something that you will never obtain? Now I see it in a different light. A bucket list is more like a list of goals. Goals that happen throughout a lifetime, and that will be satisfying to cross off. Instead of saying, “Maybe one day”,… Continue reading My Bucket List


I am officially a YouTuber

I am so excited to share this! Ever since I started my blog, I have been nervous about having people actually read what I post. I even stopped sharing my posts on social media because I was nervous about everyone finding it stupid. Recently I had hit an all time high of followers, likes, etc..and I… Continue reading I am officially a YouTuber


My Style Influences

When it comes to clothing and accessories, I enjoy the art aspect of them. Below are eight women that I follow on social media whom have styles that reflect their lifestyle and who they are in general. They all dress for themselves and go against the “norms” of fashion. I find beauty in expression, and these women… Continue reading My Style Influences


My Current Makeup Obsessions

Hello lovelies! I have been MIA for a while now, I’m sorry, but I am back on track with my regular posting. College has been draining, but rewarding, so I have had no time for anything else. I have missed posting, so I wanted to start back with a bang! I am always on the… Continue reading My Current Makeup Obsessions